Destination Marketing

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GEOZZY attracts more visitors by engaging and encouraging them to explore and discover the possibilities of your destination to its full potential.

GEOZZY provides your visitors with on-line tools to plan their visits. Thus, GEOZZY can optimize their experience based on their personal interests and support them with on-site tools such as a mobile app or street touch panels.

Through visitor behaviour analysis, Geozzy learns about its customers’ tastes and recommends content intelligently.

You can take advantage of visits that have already taken place to generate more visits.

  • GPS tracks and Trails
  • My Places
  • Travel Planner
  • Directions
  • Points of Interests
  • Multimedia galleries
  • Big Data recommendations
  • Big Data statistics

Heritage Interpretation

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You can enhance visitor experience by providing a personalized online visit to the historical, artistic and/or environmental heritage available in the area.

You can build multiple interpretive virtual tours through a guided tours system so that visitors can explore the local heritage in a personalized manner, suited to their knowledge and interests.

Multimedia galleries, friendly GIS layers and an audio-guide system will help to enhance visitor experience.

  • Story-Telling
  • Audio guides
  • Points of interest
  • Multimedia galleries
  • Timelines
  • GPS tracks and Trails
  • GIS Layers

Community Mapping

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Create communities and get better content from public participation efficiently.

We provide tools for the local community to contribute to a collective knowledge pool on their area. Thus, participants also engage in the process of discovering their region.

With one simple click on a map, anyone will be able to suggest places to visit, leave comments, upload photographs, or even GPS tracked routes.

While users explore and analyze the map in order to suggest a place, they are also applying critical thinking, decision making processes and discovering unknown places provided by others, partaking thus in a shared learning and exploration experience.

  • Social network
  • Public participation
  • Big Data statistics
  • Comments and ratings


GEOZZY is an agile, flexible and easy to use Open Source Content Management System designed for tourism destination marketing and heritage interpretation. We will help you develop and manage your projects to look professional and always up-to-date.

We help in the development of business proposals, shaping the overall vision of the project.

Based on a core system and an initial collection of functional modules, we choose the most appropriate features and develop the structure and graphic identity of the project.

No IT skills required. All the content is created and instantly updated through an user friendly administration panel. We can work with texts, audio voiceovers and all kinds of audiovisual content, including translations into different languages.

Once GEOZZY is adapted to your needs, we offer a hosting, maintenance and technical assistance service. We are here to make sure your CMS works for you and your customers. We also provide training and support on handling the tool.

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