GEOZZY is an agile, flexible and easy to use Open Source Content Management System designed for tourism destination marketing and heritage interpretation. Choosing us as technology partners you can develop and manage your projects easily.

We help in the development of business proposals, shaping the overall vision of the project.

Based on a core system and an initial collection of functional modules, we choose the most appropriate features and develop the structure and graphic identity of the project.

No IT skills required. All the content is created and instantly updated through an user friendly administration panel. We can work with texts, audio voiceovers and all kinds of audiovisual content, including translations into different languages.

Once GEOZZY is adapted to your needs, we offer a hosting, maintenance and technical assistance service. We are here to make sure your CMS works for you and your customers. We also provide training and support on handling the tool.

Frequently asked questions


GEOZZY attracts more visitors to your destination. Conceived to engage user from the first moment. Inspiring images and videos produced by tourism marketing experts are they key.

GEOZZY empowers the online experience of exploring a destination and heritage interpretation. It will make visitors spend more time exploring, discovering and understanding what the destination offers:

  • GEOZZY provides innovative techniques to visualize informationThanks to its innovative combination of web content and interactive maps, users can keep track of where they are and information about their surroundings. Thus, they will never miss anything of interest in the area, even if they are looking for something specific.
  • A visual tool. Information is displayed so that there is no need to read long paragraphs unless users are interested in learning in depth about a specific topic.
  • Easy and friendly to use for any “occasional” o “impatient” user, but at the same time, great for most advanced users who might be interested in researching further on the contents. All information is two clicks away.
  • Fun: giving a perception of speed and dynamism.
  • An innovative synchronized combination of images, web contents and interactive maps that provides, in every moment, the big picture of a territory. In this way, we make sure that no content will go unnoticed.

GEOZZY spurs visitors' interest to plan a potential trip to your destination

  • Using a combination of attractive photographs with the geo-location of the contents over an interactive map, the system will provide extra information about the destination of choice to entice users while they are planning their trip. Thus, users will have a greater range of options to decide what to do or where to go.
  • Visitors will feel as if they were in the destination, thanks to the rich data provided on what they can find in the area.
  • The system will automatically recommend contents based on user behavior and interests.
  • To enable an uninterrupted search and exploration experience, content can be marked and preselected with a click so that users can consult it later on.
  • Users can then revise their list of preselected contents and remove items. The final list of selected contents can be scheduled over a calendar in order to plan a trip.

GEOZZY enhances your Brand image. Thanks to the modern, dynamic and fresh look of the GEOZZY projects which have been proved to improve user perceptions about their destination.

Yes. GEOZZY is a modular product, so new functional modules can be added at any time.


A more efficient, fresh and attractive way to bring and retain visitors to your destination, or to interpret the heritage present in your territory of interest.

A more appropriate and modern way to communicate tourism contents for the citizens of today. In the same way the big .com companies are doing.

Increases the prestige and improves the perception of the destination due the use of innovative cutting-edge technologies.

Appreciation from the citizens to the stakeholders for providing them with planning, on-site support and public participation tools.


GEOZZY will empower the results of your daily tasks related to the definition of communication strategies and the creation of tourism and heritage contents: your work will look better and it will be more effective. You will offer a more competitive service that will make you different and, at the same time, your customers will also be happier with the results.

A new reason to visit your client portfolio.

Revenue generation for the recurring post-sale services contracted after the execution of the initial Project.

Yes. Once the data structure and data flow has been parameterized and the client’s graphical identity has been applied, the content management is user-friendly.

The structure of the administration panel can be adapted to content managers' preferences in terms of data structure and flow.

Pictures and images can be just dragged and dropped to the admin panel. The system will automatically crop, scale and compress them to each optimal version required in the different sections of the web or app. It can even generate a variety of versions of an icon from the basic vector file.

Yes. All the contents will be perfectly labelled and accessible through thematic indexes for the most popular search engines.

As with any other CMS, the projects developed with GEOZZY, have a time and cost of development lower than that of an equivalent tailor-made development.

Cost could potentially increase in case of custom developed features.


It is not necessary but it is recommended. A GEOZZY project, depending on the installed modules, can be hosted in any standard hosting service with a modern LAMP architecture support.

However, it is strongly recommended that the hosting and its management stay in the hands of the GEOZZY team. We provide specific server configurations and services which will optimize your GEOZZY Project. Your website will operate on a scalable and safe infrastructure with our reliable monitoring, updating and backup services.

LAMP, jQuery, Backbone, mongoDB, node.js and Android are some of the technologies included in GEOZZY.

We also use technologies such as Google Maps API o Leaflet.js using the information services provided by OpenStreetMap or Google.

No, the graphic appearance is totally adaptable to your corporate identity as well as the wireframes, contents structure and navigation flow.

All projects with a contracted maintenance subscription will be automatically updated with the latest versions of GEOZZY for at least two years These updates provide security improvements, bugfixes and, occasionally, new features.

As with other CMSs, no more updates will be available after the end-of-life of the version is reached. At this point, clients can request and contract a migration project to a new version of GEOZZY or just stay with the old version without updates

Bespoke updates for older versions can be requested too at an additional cost

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