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An expert or an organization in charge of…

  • Defining communication strategies for marketing campaigns, rising awareness, interpretation or education.
  • Defining, collecting or creating textual, graphic and media contents tailored to specific strategies.
  • Elaborating products to share strategic contents with the community (leaflets, informative signs, paper guides, web sites,…)
  • Executing activities to publicize these products (trough social networks, workshops, expositions, communication / marketing campaigns, …)

That implements projects related to…

  • Tourism Destination marketing.
  • Environmental heritage interpretation.
  • Historic-artistic heritage interpretation.
  • Local development and public participation


Our product

More visibility and more visitors for your destination.

An effective communication tool adapted to modern standards of content management and visualization.

  • GEOZZY emphasizes the emotional side of the contents to achieve a more effective promotion.
  • We use cutting edge technology and deliver an excellent user experience to make contents pleasing to the eye, stimulating and entertaining.
  • Exclusive access to our product for a specific geographic area, discipline and other market segments.
Our product

Consulting and training

Effective collaboration and support for our partner when defining and developing specific projects with GEOZZY

  • Our partners receive expert advice and training from our consultants when developing projects with Geozzy.
  • Ongoing support for our partners through the stages of project design and development or when preparing commercial offers for potential clients.
  • The adaptation service of our product to any specific requirements in terms of communication strategy, content structure and graphic identity.
  • Once adapted to your needs, we offer a hosting, maintenance and technical assistance service. We are here to ensure your CMS works for you and your customers.


Presence in our partners´ catalogue

  • We will refer to your services when a potential client contacts us directly.
  • We will look for future collaborations that will benefit both sides.

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